To quote a friend: #Funemployment

The other day I walked outside and was wondering, what makes all this go around? I mean not in a bullshit, superficial, “oh look at me i’m so smart” sort of way, or in a “oh it’s just physics”, kind of way. More in a “I’m just wondering what this is all about” or “I’m feeling kind of lost” sort of way.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I lost my job (not my fault I swear), I think it has finally sunk in the phone no longer tells me when to wake up, big plus, and I’m no longer getting paid, big not so plus.

Work seemed so far away now, I can’t even remember what it felt like to go to work. The normalcy that came with having a, at least what I thought at the time, a stable job is rather easy to get use to and really really comfortable. It’s like floating in a pool that perfectly matches your body temperature.

I suppose even the best plug leaks over time, and without knowing, the bottom of the pool greets my head and a rude awakening. Despite all this not being my fault, or the fault of others i work with, I or they, can’t really help but be stuck with the consequences of some would say reckless manager of the business. I, however, don’t know much of the details but can’t help feeling not so great towards this individual.

However every bad thing is the beginning of something, or at least i was told that and i like to think that as well. I mean we have to lie to ourselves from time to time to keep us happy: “that one chicken wing won’t make me fat” or “he totally still loves me”. Of course being the highly skilled and very in-demand individual such as myself i believed I would have no trouble at all in finding something new. So far the lie hasn’t worked.

However it’s not to say it’s all bad, I mean I now have time to read, learn and flex my literary muscles. I’ve never been a particularly good writer but I do like to write stuff. You know, the usual “I can complain about something I should be a critic!” I’ve even written a few reviews of restaurants and places on google maps (you can thank me later).

Through all this, I have a few people I am extremely thankful for. The obvious, my parents, everyday they tell me “don’t worry! You still got us!”, it’s nice to know someone’s there for you, even if sometimes they might know be able to not know how to help but they are there and willing. My girlfriend, she’s been extremely supportive despite being in the same situation (we work together, different department). More about them later.

But back to the question, what makes all this go around? I don’t know, but for now I feel like it’s family and friends. People, makes this go around, people you care about and people who care about it. Even that asshole who cut you off at the parking lot, maybe he just lost his job too, maybe he wasn’t feeling so good, or he could just be an asshole, but the point is you don’t lose much by being nice, being nice makes us happy, and being happy makes us nicer to people. Seems like a pretty good vicious cycle to me.

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