Would it help?



Have you watched bridge of spies? The movie with Tom Hanks as someone who had to negotiate with the USSR regarding the exchange of a spy and a pilot. In the movie Tom Hanks’ character on multiple occasions asked the spy “why aren’t you more worried?” “Would it help?” replied the spy.


Springing to action seems like a good idea until that action doesn’t seem to contribute to anything, and often would make it worse. “Would it help?” ask yourself. Screaming out in pain when I burnt my hand seems like a great idea, would it help? Absolutely not, not only would that not help it would probably scare my wife and cause all sort of unnecessary concerns and undue stress, rinsing it under cold water and put some lotion/healing cream on it would be the thing to do.

“You missed the turn!” not much I can do now, I’ve already missed it. I could swerve and cut other people off to try to make my turn, but would that help? It would probably cause some traffic accident and that definitely does not help, calmly, take the next exit or street, make our way back on track. It might have taken a few more minutes but it sure as hell beats getting into an accident, not only waste hours not going anywhere but also risk getting someone hurt.

Most events allow for a few seconds or even a few minutes for us to think it through, remember how you were told “count to three before saying anything”? That is basically it. Give yourself a bit of time to ask “would what i am about to do help the situation?”

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