Savings are brewing

I’ve been making my own coffee for a few years now, because my coffee is better and I assumed it would be cheaper than buying.

I’ve never done the math of how much it cost for a home brewed cup of joe, under a dollar for sure thus saving me around a dollar each time without versus paying for slightly coffee flavoured hot water.

Not contempt with guessing, I did some numbers over the past few weeks to facilitate me with a better estimate of how much it cost to make my mor


ning drink. I personally use 18% cream which increases the cost substantially, you, a more sensible person would just go with 10% saving a few cents too.


For each 1 litre carton of cream makes 17 coffees, at $4.59 each carton (no tax on those, yay!) it comes to $0.27 per coffee. 16 grams of coffee beans is used ( grind just before brewing, for best flavour of course). Each 454 gram bag of beans costs $9.99 plus tax which come to $11.29. For each 454 grams 28 coffees can be made gives us $0.40 in beans per coffee. According to this site: because I am way too lazy to actually see how much energy my kettle sucks out of the wall and time it for to boil, I would take their number of $0.05 (round up) to boil my 1.7 litre of water.
Consumable cost: $0.27 + $0.40, + $0.05 = $0.72


Great! Now we have the number of consumables for each coffee, we should also factor in the cost for the french press, coffee grinder and the thermos mug. For some reason I tend to destroy my french press about once a year, costing me a good $20. Coffee grinder, about $150 when I bought it 4 years ago. Thermos mug with paint chipping off but still good costs $15 from walmart. I make coffee just about everyday, 365 coffees a year, a french press costs about $0.05. The coffee grinder costs about $0.10 and my thermos I’ve had for 2 years now costs about $0.02 (these two costs gets lower the longer it gets used, I’m doing the calculation at current date).
Hardware cost: $0.05 + $0.10 + $0.02 = $0.17
All together: $0.72 + $0.17 = $0.89

Interesting number, a large coffee from tim hortons costs exactly $1.89 plus tax which means I am saving somewhere around $1.00 per coffee. This saving does not include: decreased misery due to not waiting in line for watery coffee, increased responsibilty due to no one else to blame and a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning.

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